One of the big questions that some may have when looking at this site is “What is it for?”

I think it’s a valid question, and this blog will be my attempt at answering it.

First and foremost, part of this is an attempt at visibility. Games podcasts are a growing field and that trend seems likely to continue. But as we have mentioned elsewhere on the site, there is very little research into them. That’s partly why I chose to study them as my PhD topic—the other parts being that I think they provide a nice case study from which conversation around the production of new media formats can be advanced… and that I like listening to too many gaming podcasts to keep up with.

As a result, this site, and the blog here, are an attempt to place a flag on the hill, so to speak. Hopefully it will serve as a beacon for anybody interested in, or actively pursuing, study in the area. 

More specifically talking about this blog, the hope is that these posts will be able to provide a record of the work done on this PhD project. A PhD is a large undertaking, and I’m still in the early stages.

One of the most important parts of research is keeping track of what you are doing. This blog section is an outlet for me to do just that. Here, I hope to post semi-regular updates on what I’ve been reading, what I’ve been writing, and how it all ties into the field of games podcast research. I may also post some more academic musings on the games I’ve been playing to provide a slight break from what I imagine will be a chunk of academic jargon. Hopefully, in a few years, this will serve as an archive which traces the evolution of my PhD thesis and academic career.

For now of course, it’s a little bit bare, but hopefully it will fill out.

Using it as an archive also helps with the final point, which is that it can serve to hold me accountable. I can often have trouble sticking with resolutions when it comes to starting personal projects (such as creative writing, personal reviews or journalling). Tying this into my research work will both allow me to provide a more clear record of my work which I can cite when discussing it, but it will also allow me to practice staying dedicated to something in a similiar vein to my abandoned projects—only this time it is essential to my work. Let’s hope it sticks.


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