We’re back (and better than ever)!

Sorry for the prolonged absence of updates. I took some time off over the holidays to spend with the family, and am still getting back into the swing of things. The honest truth is that as a result, there wasn’t much new to report. And then there was too much to report so I didn’t get a chance to post this blog even after writing it. That’s changed now, as I’m once again in full swing with the academic work.

Method to the Madness

Posted on December 17, 2021 Well, Christmas is almost here and I am excited to be taking a break. I’ve got flights booked to see the family and am hoping it all goes to plan, so it’s likely that today marks the final day of study for the year from me. Of course, I couldn’t end the year without giving one last update on where I am. So here it is.

A Matter of Perspective

Posted on November 15, 2021 In the last blog post, I concluded by noting that my next steps were to do some further reading on other theories and frameworks that may be suitable for my research. In this post, I want to provide an update on just that. I haven’t finished them, but I have done enough that I am starting to get a feel for some of the concepts and where they may fit.

So, what have I been reading?

Expanding Our Frame

Posted on November 1, 2021 Over the past week and a half I’ve managed to expand my knowledge and opened myself up to a whole new lens or framework through which to examine this work. Curious, I know. So, what have I been reading?